It’s what our clients say that matters!

"Nicola, I couldn’t do this job without your expertise and knowledge! You always look out for us and offer options."
Exec Admin
A global sales & marketing firm
“Not flattery… just high appreciation for the wonderful service you offer. You make the “travel arrangement” part of what I do seamless and easy…”
Regional Sales Manager
A national steel company
“I want you to know that you have the best people I have yet to deal with in travel... and I've been doing my kind of job for a long, long time."
Executive Assistant
Office of the President
A tier 1 automotive supplier
“Thank you for the wonderful execution and seamless transition of hundreds of travelers from multiple locations across the country to HMHF’s Travel Portals and enhanced online booking tool. The implementation was truly one of the easiest and most efficient transitions of that complexity that I have ever experienced.”
Director of Education & Support
“HMHF’s skill in dealing with customers like myself is just awesome. Your skill in customer care should be noted as second to none."
An automotive consulting firm
“I want to thank you and your staff for doing such a great job with the online booking tool roll-out. The on-going patience and Help Desk support has been crucial to the success of the on-line process.“
Manager – Executive Administration
A national home building company
“I was extremely impressed by both your level of professionalism and your ability to relate to your customers.”
Federal Relations Director
A well-known insurance provider
“The consolidation of our travel management services, from over a dozen companies, to HMHF, was seamless and without incident. HMHF has provided premium service and has very effectively helped us manage our travel spend and maximize opportunities for significant savings. Your staff, service and technical travel expertise continually validates our decision to consolidate our travel management with HMHF…”
Director, Supplier Quality & Development
A tier 1 automotive supplier
“The consistent support of HMHF’s team and their ability and willingness to think outside of the box has resulted in bottom line savings to us in excess of several million dollars annually. . . I recommend HMHF to any corporation that is serious about managing their travel, controlling costs, and receiving exceptional service.”
J.H., C.P.A.
Director of Accounting
A medical consulting firm
“If it weren't for your initial intervention, we wouldn't have resolved this! Please accept our gratitude and appreciation. Hamilton Miller goes the extra mile for us every time. And, we do appreciate it.”
Exec Admin Assist
“Tomorrow is my last day but before I leave I wanted to pass on a rave review of Mike. He is by far the best agent I’ve worked with. He is quick to respond to all requests and often times went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly for us and our candidates.”
A national advertising agency
“I just want to let you know, both Angie and I were extremely impressed with how you handled the travel difficulties over the last two days. I don’t know if I should compare it to a masterful juggling act or weaving together a tapestry and keeping track of all the threads, but we both appreciated how on top of everything you were.”
IT Practice Project Administrator
A healthcare consulting firm
“I’m working a lot with Shane and he is really doing a great job. He’s fast, cost oriented and always making good proposals to save money while making it comfortable for the traveler.“
A tier 1 automotive supplier
“Hi Nicola, It worked!  I was able to get the passport over to __________ at Seating and he is carrying it to Munich for us. I can’t thank you and your team enough – saved me again!!! Like I always say ….you’re the best!!!”
A tier 1 automotive supplier
“All of your staffers are “wows” as far as I am concerned.  -Last night, I had dear Richard on the line, right at closing, on speaker phone no less, with two of us jabbering at him at once, and he didn’t flinch an inch.  As usual he came through with speedy results and made our last minute requests, materialize.  He is my personal hero.”
“Nicola helped out my boss who could have been stuck in Graz had she not spoken directly to the Austrian Air agent through my bosses blackberry.  (He now has her on speed dial on his blackberry should anything like that ever happen in the future…!) You guys rock, all the time, every day.”
Executive Assistant to the President
“This is exactly what I need for the China visa process.  THANK YOU and whomever was the kind person who assembled it.  Wow is all I can say!  Once again, you guys save the day!”
“It made my day to put faces to the names of everyone I have worked with over the last several years and personally thanking them for all that they do.  All of your agents work so hard to find what each individual is looking for.  Going above and beyond, and not to mention putting up with some of our unruly ones here!”
Executive Administrator to
Global VP & General Manager
An electic car component supplier
“We frequent travelers sometimes get so busy we forget to say "Thank you." Mike is consistently polite, professional, and thorough each time I call. If I am in a pinch on the road, he delivers! Kudos to Mike for always delivering excellent customer service.”
“I have recently completed my third multi-country trip that was arranged by Nicola. She always does an exceptional job! I have learned that I just need to provide her my basic needs/wants, and she will come up with better arrangements than I would have thought possible. Her incredible support is very much appreciated!”
“I had an emergency this morning that needed immediate attention. My Director injured herself while on a business trip and I had to make arrangements to get her back home.  Elizabeth was able to find a flight and she was very patient as I went back and forth between the Director and her. We are always working on our Customer’s Experience to make sure they receive the best health care services.  Well, I want to say that I definitely received the best travel care services!!”
Corporate Marketing and Customer Experience
An insurance provider
"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a complete pleasure it has been over the last several months to work with Corina. I have been utilizing Corina as “my” contact at HMHF and she has been so wonderful, knowledgeable and efficient. I have had what sometimes seem like strange requests (traveler’s who lost ID)… to multiple changes to overseas travel, to last minute requests… and each and every time Corina just seems to ‘make things happen’. She is great about keeping me advised as arrangements are pending for whatever reason. You have a real treasure of an employee in Corina… and her work is much appreciated!"
Staff Assistant
A tier 1 automotive supplier